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SLOSSSingle Large or Several Small (conservation biology)
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Simply put, our cable systems provide the speed, capacity and reliability Google is known for worldwide," Sloss said in a blog post.
In a fierce defence of her original decision to grant him lifetime anonymity, Lady Butler Sloss said that under the Human Rights Act, "People's lives need to be protected.
Paul Orland and Francisco LePort are the co-founders that have partnered with Sloss.
Mr Sloss added: "Your views have counted and has forced us to accelerate the process.
Brian Sloss, a fish genetics professor at University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point, developed more reliable DNA markers to fingerprint muskies.
Sloss purposely relinquished control of the film's Web and social networking presence, allowing Banksy's fans to do the work for the marketers.
This book contains 44 recipes from ironworkers at Sloss Furnaces, gathered by Russell Hunt, editor of Pig Iron Rough Notes, a company magazine.
He said: "Four-goal Joel was our man of the match though centre-half Blane Warren and Nathan Sloss both had excellent games.
TEESSIDE comedy fans have a great chance to catch hotly-tipped Scottish sensation Daniel Sloss at Middlesbrough Town Hall Crypt week today.
A spokesman for Denise said: "It is wrong for Dame Butler Sloss to imply that Jon Venables identity must always be kept secret, no matter what he does.