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SLOWPOKESafe Low-Power Kritical Experiment (Canada)
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Ethanol tolerance caused by slowpoke induction in Drosophila.
Peter blinked a few times, but mostly he seemed focused on turning his head to where Jenny was cursing at some slowpoke driver or other.
A car's slow movement might only reflect a slowpoke behind the wheel.
Most people think of a turtle as a slowpoke, but a turtle takes a lot of risks.
From 1997 to 2001, he was chair of the SLOWPOKE 2 Nuclear Reactor Committee and Manager of the SLOWPOKE 2 Reactor Decommissioning project.
oh a sort of slowpoke singer, finger tracer, then, mover of lips.
Similarly, sometimes Schwantes seems too quick to attribute causation: for example, he writes: "A person riding [an electric interurban car] as it ambled through the countryside from one stop to another--or worse, riding to work aboard a slowpoke streetcar--had only to notice his neighbor speed by in an automobile to be motivated to purchase one just as good or better for himself" (109).
Once considered a slowpoke in terms of technological applications, the c-store industry is becoming a pioneer of innovations, including radio frequency identification (RFID), touchscreen ordering systems, electronic kiosks, and mobile commerce.
He was more slowpoke than usual in getting out of the house, and by the time we began our walk, at about five o'clock, the weather had turned.
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All neutron activation analyses were carried out by the Ecol e Polytechnique of the University of Montreal using their SLOWPOKE reactor.