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SLOWPOKESafe Low-Power Kritical Experiment (Canada)
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Atkinson, "The slowpoke gene is necessary for rapid ethanol tolerance in Drosophila," Alcoholism, Clinical and Experimental Research, vol.
Slowpoke, slowpoke, Coming home from school, Walking like a snail or a lazy old mule; Kicking up the pebbles, Sitting down to rest, Watching a mockingbird build her nest.
For example, a cartoon in Slowpoke's "Science Korner" showed a lecturer pointing to an image of a brain and explaining: "We believe that a synaptic misfiring--which we've named Summers Syndrome--is responsible.
Mozilla's new Firefox 3.6 is about 15% faster than its predecessor, Firefox 3.5, but still is a slowpoke compared to the current speed demons, Apple's Safari and Google's Chrome, benchmark tests show.<p>According to tests run by Computerworld, Firefox 3.6, which Mozilla launched, is the third fastest of five Windows browsers tested.
Nationally syndicated political cartoonist Jen Sorensen's latest collection of strips, Slowpoke: One Nation, Oh My God!
Sorensen's comic strip "Slowpoke" has appeared in the Village Voice, among other alternative weekly papers.
"Slowpoke" runs in alternative newspapers around the country.
You don't want to be a slowpoke technician, improperly attired nurse, uptake-deficient physician, recalcitrant boss, late-genuflecting administrator, or a whining or malingering patient on her watch.
Struggling up Trinity Street the other week, I was reminded of that old Neil Young song Slowpoke, in which he warbles in his inimitable style: "When I was faster, I was always behind."
When I get the urge to read something, I don't want to wait a month for some slowpoke to return it.
I once asked her how she managed to get so much written (by contrast I felt I was a slowpoke).
Epigenetic nuclear mechanisms also have been implicated recently in the development of alcohol tolerance, using a fruit fly homolog of the BK channel (Slowpoke, Slo) as a model (Wang et al.