SLOYSeems Like Only Yesterday
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The SLOY award is given by a United States based organisation in recognition of excellent leadership performance in theological educational institutions.
We wandered over the giant shining heaps of turbines on a catwalk that led us, eventually, back outside to MacTavish's black car and the road up to Loch Sloy, a disappointing sight, I felt, as it was only a small, slate-colored lake lightly rippling under gathering gray-white clouds and surrounded by barren grayish-brown hills, the color of most the country above the tree line that time of year.
Loch Sloy appeared to be an undistinguished body of water, although I'd seen its name on a picture in Joe's family's home--blazoned on a red banner across a silver shield with the motto "This I'll Defend"--in a dark hallway.
Certainly, except for MacTavish and the two of us, there was no hint of any kind of humanity, half-wild or otherwise, around Loch Sloy that day.
Paul, Paisley YEARS ago, we were told Scotland would have the cheapest electricity in the world when the Loch Sloy scheme was completed.
The wettest place in Scotland was the tiny hamlet of Sloy on Loch Lomondside, which was hammered by 329.2mm of rain.
The first power station the Board built was also their biggest, the 130-megawatt Loch Sloy plant by Loch Lomond.