SLPBSleep Button (computer power management)
SLPBScottish Link Pipe Band (Brazil)
SLPBSuper Low Ping Bastard (gaming)
SLPBSuper Lithium Polymer Battery
SLPBSuper Let's Play Brothers (Super Mario Brothers online forum)
SLPBSuperior Lithium Performance Battery
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Compared to SLPB patients, MB patients were more likely to be seropositive (adjusted odds ratio (aOR) MB 11.
The MB patient group comprised more males, older patients and more patients with a disability grade > 0 than the PB or SLPB groups.
21,22) We see a similar, but less strong effect in our patient population with regard to the development of PB or MB leprosy: MB patients were less frequently BCG vaccinated than PB and SLPB patients (BCG coverage MB approximately 20%; PB and SLPB, 29%).
Since there was also no serological difference between patients with one or two skin lesions it can be concluded that there is no serological evidence to distinguish between SLPB and PB with 2 lesions, with and without satellite lesions.