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SLPDSt Louis Post Dispatch
SLPDSalt Lake City Police Department (Utah)
SLPDSugar Land Police Department
SLPDDoctor of Speech-Language Pathology
SLPDSan Leandro Police Department
SLPDSchool of Leadership and Professional Development (US Army)
SLPDStorm Lake Police Department
SLPDSan Luis Police Department
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SLPDSri Lanka Police Department
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She requested for the SLPD to hurry because the snake was biting her nose.
24) In 1994, the SLPD conducted between five and thirty searches each night, and guns were found and confiscated in half of the homes searched.
Like the SLPD, the BPD would explain Safe Homes to the parent and then ask the parent to sign a consent-to-search form.
During the first year the SLPD confiscated 402 guns from the homes of juveniles.
Far from being the key culprit, the SLPD was targeted to take the rap.
Anyone who seriously believes actions by the SLPD were mistakes should let us know how often police departments invade offices such as Monsanto World Headquarters, piss on tuxedos of corporate executives, steal their electronic equipment, tell the press to print front page stories of corporate terrorists, and arrest corporate officers for possession of vitamin A.
We should applaud each of the plaintiffs against the SLPD receiving $13,500.