SLPGCSt Louis Planned Giving Council
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For unit 3 which was put down due to abnormal vibration, Tabor said this was already being cooled down as SLPGC awaits their consultant.
Requested letter for the issuance of COE for ERC -COC on 25 June 2013;Issued COE for BOI on23 September 2011 (amended from SEM-CALACA to SLPGC) ;Draft MOA for ER 1-94 on 16 July 2013; Issued COE for BOI under SEM-CALACA on 30 March 2013; Completed Feasibility Study ;Property is currently under Land Lease Agreement (LLA) between Sem-Calaca Power Corporation (SCPC) with PSALM; Land-Sub-Lease Agreement between SCPC and SLPGC executed February 2012; On-going negotiations with prospective off-takes (DUs and those currently with PSAs and contestable market under Open Access Regime; ACQUIRED Permits: SEC registration approved 31 Aug.
Its resumption and rising SLPGC earnings, however, point to a stronger 2017 performance.
Revenues from the 300-MW SLPGC coal-fired power plant should surge this year from just about P100 million last year, Consunji said.
The Consunji group established SLPGC to capitalize on the synergies between Semirara Mining Corp's coal mining business and the operation of its sister company, SEMCalaca Power Corp.
These include the 150-MW SLPGC Coal Plant U1, which is scheduled to be up and running by March 2015, Anda Power Corp.