SLPGCSt Louis Planned Giving Council
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For the power segment, the combined energy sales of SCPC and SLPGC increased 11 percent to 638 gigawatt-hours (gwh).
Meanwhile, SLPGC 2 blamed 'primary air fan, high stator winding temperature and primary air fan B high motor bearing vibration' as the cause of the outage.
(There has been a simultaneous breakdown of the Sual power plant, Calaca power plant, the Pagbilao power plant and even the Malaya thermal power since 2012, but there were also new ones breaking down like the SCPC, SLPGC at SLTEC.)
SLPGC is to put up a 300-megawatt (MW) coal-fired power plant in Calaca, Batangas.
The power plants that suffered operational malfunctions had been gridlocked with technical problems ranging from boiler tube leak for SLTEC; vibration in primary air fan for SLPGC; and boiler slagging for Pagbilao-3, according to the DOE.
2011; Issued COE for BOI on 11 March 2013 under the name of SLPGC; On-going securing necessary permits; On-going financing negotiations with prospective banks; Fr negotiation with prospective EPC;Target NTP - End of 2013; Target Testing & Commissioning - 2016; Target Commercial Operation - 2017;Project cost for Phase II is Php19.864B
The other plants serving the Luzon grid but have de-rated capacity are Calaca coal-plant 2 at 200 MW (from 300 MW) and SLPGC 2 at 100 MW (from 150 MW).
Unit 2 of SLPGC was also shut down for preventive maintenance work.
Requested letter for the issuance of COE for ERC -COC on 25 June 2013;Issued COE for BOI on23 September 2011 (amended from SEM-CALACA to SLPGC) ;Draft MOA for ER 1-94 on 16 July 2013; Issued COE for BOI under SEM-CALACA on 30 March 2013; Completed Feasibility Study ;Property is currently under Land Lease Agreement (LLA) between Sem-Calaca Power Corporation (SCPC) with PSALM; Land-Sub-Lease Agreement between SCPC and SLPGC executed February 2012; On-going negotiations with prospective off-takes (DUs and those currently with PSAs and contestable market under Open Access Regime; ACQUIRED Permits: SEC registration approved 31 Aug.
The derated plants are Calaca 2 at 200 MW from its declared 300 MW capacity, and SLPGC 2 at 100 MW from 150 MW.
Southwest Luzon Power Generation Corp.'s (SLPGC) gross generation dropped 19 percent year on year to 1,368 GWH from 1,687 GWH.
(SLPGC) contributed P5.9 billion, P4.5 billion and P1.6 billion, respectively.