SLPMStandard Liters Per Minute
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SLPMSchweizer Leben Pensions Management (German: Swiss Life Pensions Management; Munich, Germany)
SLPMSan Leandro Property Management (California)
SLPMSingle Level Power Management
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For HDPE SCLAIR 2906 and process conditions listed in Table 3, the critical airflow rate ranged from 90 to 130 SLPM.
The cell performance is not affected at large flow rates or between 1 and 0.5 SLPM. At 0.25 SLPM, the cell performance starts to be affected at high current densities.
Caption: Figure 3: Typical emission spectrum of He plasma jet using 1000 Hz pulse frequency and 4 [micro]s pulse width (measured at output of 10 kV and He flow rate of 1 SLPM).
The [N.sub.2] flow was controlled by a commercial mass flow controller (2) which was set to pass 0.500 SLPM (5.00 x [10.sup.-4] [m.sup.3]/min) at an internally controlled 1 atmosphere pressure and 25 [degrees]C.
It comes with 30 field selectable calibrations, and is available in full-scale mass flow rates from -0.5/+0.5 seem to -3000/+3000 slpm. All units are backed by NIST-traceable calibration, comprehensive technical support, and a lifetime warranty.
(8) Circulate all gasses through the detector at a maximum rate of 200 standard liters per minute (slpm) in axial flow pattern.
First Sensor has introduced the new cost-effective Sensortechnics WBI mass flow sensors with ranges of 200 sccm and 1 slpm. In addition to unidirectional devices the WBI series offers bidirectional sensors to measure flows in both directions.
Sensortechnics's (Mansfield, MA) new WBI mass flow sensors have ranges of 200 seem and 1 slpm. In addition to unidirectional devices, the WBI series offers bidirectional sensors to measure flows in both directions.
Honeywell announced it has expanded its Zephyr[TM] airflow sensor HAF Series portfolio with new digital versions that provide airflow ranges of 0 to 20 SLPM (Standard Liters per Minute) and 0 to 200 SLPM.
Para controlar la composicion de mezcla reactiva de aire, metano, propano y dioxido de carbono, se utilizaron reguladores de flujo masico tipo hilo caliente dotados con interfaz de usuario y electronica local (OMEGA Eng., modelos FMA-2606, FMA5508 y FMA5524), con una exactitud entre [+ o -] 0.01 y 0.10 litros estandar por minuto, SLPM, segun el rango del equipo.
The SmartTrak 140 controls gas mass flowup to 500 slpm with an ultra-low Ap of 4.5 psi differential (310 mBar d).
The Smart-Trak[R] 50 Series now features a 316 Stainless Steel version and an expanded flow range up to 200 slpm. The new 200 slpm gas mass flow controller is designed for OEMs who require higher mass flow control capability and advanced performance at a price point that meets their budgetary constraints.