SLPPSierra Leone People's Party
SLPPSummary Level Planning Package (earned value management)
SLPPState and Local Policy Program
SLPPState and Local Preparedness Program
SLPPSpeech Language Pathology Program (education)
SLPPSimple Loop Prevention Protocol (Nortel)
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Nonetheless, Koroma's main rival, Bio, and his SLPP party - prior to NEC's announcement - have been expressing concerns over what they saw as wide-scale fraud by the APC in several polling centres in the northern and western regions, and in the diamond-rich Kono, home to Vice President Sam Sumana which is in the eastern region of the country.
3% of the total 1,839,208 votes cast, while former Vice President and SLPP presidential candidate Solomon Berewa finished with 38.
But only those of the two major parties, APC and SLPP, will be examined here because their manifestos closely tracked general public concerns as well as the sentiments of the other five parties that contested the elections.
On Saturday, authorities banned an APC and a SLPP radio station accused of fanning the tensions.
In January 2002, the government and the RUF formally declared the war over; elections followed in May, with Kabbah and the SLPP cementing control of the government.
Zainab Bangura, a rival to Koroma in the 2002 presidential elections in which SLPP President Ahmad Tejan Kabbah was re-elected on a peace ticket, will be his minister for foreign affairs and international relations.
So, there is a decent record for the SLPP to defend.
First, the SLPP would continue to publish the JLPP, moving to
miss a turn return to start 1985 1983 Major-General Momoh successor APC and SLPP fight to control to Stevens, does not make any elections and diamond reforms.
While Kabbah and the SLPP enjoy widespread support among the population, there are doubts that this new government is truly committed to the principles of good governance (International Crisis Group 2002).
While we cannot directly measure the difference in our SLPP and CPS estimates due to design differences, there is one dimension in which we can offer some evidence.
Regarding "military operations" post-1996, the Court said: "In February 1998, ECOMOG forces [the Ecowas peacekeepers] intervened in Sierra Leone and expelled the RUF/AFRC Junta from Freetown reinstating Tejan Kabbah's SLPP government to power in March 1998.