SLPSSt. Louis Public Schools (St Louis, Missouri)
SLPSSlideluck Potshow (New York)
SLPSMicrosoft Software Licensing and Protection Services
SLPSSi Ling Primary School (Singapore)
SLPSSchool of Leadership and Professional Studies
SLPSState and Local Programs and Support Directorate
SLPSSwitched-Line Phase Shifter
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Furthermore, the upward trajectory of her career with SLPS from teacher to the president of STC revealed she was a pioneer not only for her race but for her gender.
Harris, galvanized by the impoverished communities surrounding the segregated SLPS for African American children, witnessed how poverty impacted urban children's behaviors.
In the same year, 1940, the Board of SLPS appointed Dr.
SLPS and Clayton objected to the enforcement of the transfer statute, and Clayton counterclaimed against Breitenfeld for the payment of tuition costs.
During 2009-10, SLPS added 12,960 spindles taking the total installed capacity to 24,960 spindles.
Polcyn eventually got a master's degree in mass communications and media from Webster University, and introduced the computer to the SLPS public affairs office.
SLPS has shown improvement on state standardized assessments for four years in a row, but in 2011, only 33.
Glynn Young, Executive Director of Communications, SLPS Office of Public Information
There was one widely publicized $60,000 study that concluded the SLPS had too many overpaid managers with little impact on educating students.
Microsoft SLPS and Dotfuscator Gold offer a powerful means to protect, measure and monetize our applications.
In addition to helping design and implement the project, Dell will provide teachers with ongoing professional development on effective use of technology as approved by SLPS teachers, administrators, students and parents.
SLPS students will benefit from the introduction of One World Cafe(R), ARAMARK's award-winning school dining concept that offers updated menu offerings based on extensive student preference surveys in a vibrant, more consumer-savvy environment.