SLQState Library of Queensland (Australia)
SLQSt. Lambert (Amtrak station code; Quebec, Canada)
SLQSuper Letter Quality
SLQStanding Liberty Quarter (United States Quarter Dollar Coin minted from 1916-1930)
SLQStem Leadership Qualification (science education)
SLQStochastic Linear Quadratic
SLQSilver Lining Questionnaire (illness assessment)
SLQSchool Life Questionnaire (various locations)
SLQStock Level Quantities
SLQSchultz-Larsen Questionnaire (dermatology)
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When you were at SLQ, you were part of two projects that I really enjoyed: the creation of the SLQ Business Studio ( services/library-spaces/busi ness-studio) and the Creativein-Residence Program ( /@janecowell8/5-whys-to-in vest-in-a-creative-in-residencec8eecfe6afef).
Upon receipt of the quantitative data, the authors used SPSS Version 23 to analyze correlative and predictive factors between the subscales of both the SCLS and SLQ (RQ1).
The most commonly used and simplest one is SLQ, which is for the sector i defined as follows:
These workshops were held at both institutions and also included an online session in which students accessed an overview of SLQ resources pertinent to their Global Teacher studies and the framing of their group installations for the exhibition.
SLQ was administered firstly and MMPI-A (paper and pencil version) in the second session.
SLQ also runs workshops for Queensland-based educators twice a year to give them the opportunity to engage with design thinking via hands-on activities.
Further on, the authors in [4] have developed a computational approach to such SLQ models (k > 1) using an LMI formulation.
FTSE Group (FTSE) have announced the launch of the FTSE Super Liquid Index Series (SLQ), a broad family of real-time free float market capitalisation weighted indices designed to mimic the characteristics of key FTSE indices via a smaller, highly liquid universe of stocks.
Participants' strategic listening was measured by a Strategic Listening Interview (SLI), a Strategic Listening Questionnaire (SLQ) and a Strategic Listening Checklist (SLC) with think-aloud protocol.
That means that a DBA who's held to a SLQ with 99.9% uptime could deal with intermittent hardware problems, while never taking the VM offline.
The survey instrument known as the sustainable leadership questionnaire (SLQ) was created by the authors to determine the level of sustainable leadership as perceived by employees in U.S.