SLRBSociété du Logement de La Région Bruxelloise (French: Housing Corporation of the Brussels Region; Belgium)
SLRBState Labor Relations Board (various locations)
SLRBSaskatchewan Labour Relations Board (Canada)
SLRBSurvey and Land Registration Bureau (Bahrain)
SLRBSabbatical Leave Review Board (Cabrillo College; California)
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Nigel Clifford, the chief executive of Ordnance Survey, said: "Ordnance Survey and SLRB have a long and close partnership in using location information to support national infrastructure projects.
Given the limits of the SNDP'S TUA, the labour movement was delighted with the SLRB decision.
high-level positions with SLRB and the New York City Division of Labor
The process from the moment of submitting the initial documentation until the final approval of the loan usually takes four days, and ten days including the land registration, due to the time limitations for making an appointment at the SLRB.
A: No, SLRB needs foremost the support of Davao Council, after which it will get all necessary permits from the different government agencies.
The Second Circuit recognized, however, that the state board would become a "`toothless tiger'" if it could not make any determination concerning whether the religious defense motivated the discharge,(88) Therefore, the court constructed an accommodation that allowed the SLRB "to determine, using a dual motive analysis, whether the religious motive was in fact the cause of the discharge.
With this system in place, we will benefit from reduced costs, create best practices and ensure both centralised and de-centralised filing,' said SLRB resources and information systems general director Shaikh Mohammed bin Khalifa Al Khalifa.
GPZ has requested the Works (Municipalities Affairs and Urban Planning) Ministry to release partial pending claims of the SLRB project and they said it is expected to be received within three weeks, after which full outstanding amount of ex-GPZ staff will be cleared.
The solution also gives a full history of file movement and completion of each workflow processes to SLRB management.
1) Insist on visitor parking spaces for LMRA, SLRB and BCCI.
A memorandum of understanding has been signed between the SLRB and ICON.
This initiative will ensure that SLRB delivers on its commitment to the people of Bahrain.