SLRFSecond Language Research Forum
SLRFSingle Lens Reflex Film (professional photography film)
SLRFSilver Leaf Renaissance Faire (between Comstock and Galesburg, Michigan)
SLRFSliding Linear Regression Filter (algorithm)
SLRFStafford Loan Request Form (application)
SLRFSterling Renaissance Festival (Sterling, New York)
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They compared their result with twin-Gaussian, SLRF, and manual measurement and it was claimed that the accuracy and precision of twin-Gaussian are the least [25].
Repayment of the district's SLRF obligation also benefits from an unlimited tax pledge.
Joey Salgado, head of media affairs of the Office of the Vice President, said a recently released Commission on Audit (COA) report for 2013 showed that Roxas withheld P322,070,717 million in SLRF for 43 LGUs, including 10 in Metro Manila.
The following were identified as matters that the SLRF would like to submit to the SL government and other stakeholders:
The newly formed umbrella group of Sudan's Liberation Revolutionary Forces (SLRF) which include six rebel factions echoed their peers' reaction and cautioned against lifting sanction on Sudan "comprehensive peace in South and Darfur".
For the performance indicators, it looks into the completion of Special Local Road Fund (SLRF) projects for Calendar Years 2011, 2012 and 2014 and performance on road maintenance with reference to the DILG Provincial Road inventory of good to fair roads.
On August 30 some five rebel groups announced from Tripoli the establishment of a new group called Sudan's Liberation Revolutionary Forces (SLRF).
Libya succeeded last August to convince five rebel factions from the Sudan Liberation Movement (SLM) to gather in one rebel movement called Sudan's Liberation Revolutionary Forces (SLRF).
Bulletin Desc: The Michigan Department of Treasury State and Authority Finance administers the school loan revolving fund (SLRF), a self-sustaining fund that makes loans to school districts to assist with making debt service payments on bonds issued through the school bond qualification program.
But they refused to be part of the Sudan's Liberation Revolutionary Forces (SLRF) established in Tripoli on August 30 saying they want the founding meeting to be held in Darfur with the participation of their commanders and among their bases.
Mahgoub Hussein a leading member of Sudan's Liberation Revolutionary Forces, a new rebel group formed last month in Tripoli, said the SLRF regroups the majority of the SLM rebels and Gration should work with them.
Recent weeks have witnessed a new initiative around the establishment of Sudan's Liberation Revolutionary Forces (SLRF), with Libya attempting to create one structure before the resumption of peace talks in Doha.