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We lose 20,000 work hours daily due to traffic and yet we find out the Department of Interior and Local Government (DILG) could have helped LGUs do something about road maintenance if only the SLRF meant to augment their budget for this was released, the Vice President's spokesperson said in a statement.
According to the COA report, the spokesman said, Roxas did not release the SLRF because the 43 LGUs allegedly failed to pass the Seal of Good Housekeeping (SGH), a criterion set up by the DILG before the SLRF could be released.
Under the existing law or RA 8974, the SLRF should be distributed to provincial and city governments exclusively for maintenance and improvement of local roads, he said.
Salgado said LGUs are allotted the SLRF, or 5 percent of the Motor Vehicle Users' Charge (MVUC), based on Republic Act 8794 for road maintenance and the improvement of road drainage, for the installation of adequate and efficient road safety devices and, traffic management.
However, Al-Sissi dismissed the proposal saying he could only take the leadership of SLRF if all the rebel factions come together under the same umbrella.
The SLRF includes: Sudan Liberation Movement/Army SLM/A-Field Leadership, SLM/A-Unity Leadership, SLM/A-Juba of Mohamed Saleh Harba, SLM/A General Line, United Revolutionary Forces Front (URFF) and SLM/A Khamis Abakar.
This roundtable intends to gather the four rebel groups: the Justice and Equality Movement (JEM), the Sudan Liberation Movement led by Abdel-Wahid Al-Nur, the newly formed SLRF and the three groups that agreed in Addis Ababa last month to unite under the sponsorship of the US envoy Scott Gration.