SLRPStudent Loan Repayment Program
SLRPSmall Leucine-Rich Proteoglycan
SLRPStrategic Long-Range Plan
SLRPSurvey, Liaison, and Reconnaissance Party (US DoD)
SLRPSylvia Rivera Law Project (New York, NY)
SLRPSupervisory Liquidity Review Process (UK)
SLRPSuggested List Retail Price
SLRPScholarship Loan Repayment Program
SLRPSimplified Radio Link Protocol
SLRPSurveillance Liaison Reconnaissance Party (US Army)
SLRPScottish Left Review Press
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SLRP funds are dedicated to tuition repayment for health care professionals working in areas designated as being medically underserved.
11) These biological/signaling properties assist with ECM maintenance in that the bioavailability of growth factors and other cytokines mediated by SLRPs are important for sustained cell survival (see review by Brown et al).
Due to cellular and molecular changes within the NP and degradation of the annulus the IVD becomes less hydrated and in fact loses its ability to bind water-in large part due to fragmentation of SLRPs, degraded aggrecan and progressive cell death.
The RRCP, which began in 1987, mirrors the SLRP and is supported entirely by State General Revenue Funds.
Through these various programs, the Division of Rural Health and Recruitment has placed a total of 154 NHSC providers; 52 SLRP providers; 47 RRCP providers and 94 J-Visa physicians since 2008.
anemone) using human proteins implicated in wound healing as the initial query Human query ID Nematostella E hit value Signaling Integrin, alpha 8 NM_003638 XM_001641385 1e-79 Integrin, alpha 4 NM_000885 XM_001641385 1e-74 TGF-beta type I AAD02042 XM_001622484 7e-138 receptor JNKI-B1 NM_139046 XM_001637538 3e-133 SLRPs (small leucine-rich-repeat proteins) Biglycan AAA52287 XM_001639122 9e-17 Chondroadherin AAK51556 XM_001639122 4e-22 Decorin AAB60901 XM_001633690 2.
protostome) using human genes implicated in wound healing in the initial query Extracellular matrix ID Protostome E proteins hit value Human query SLRPs (small leucine-rich-repeal proteins) Biglycan AAA52287 XM_001649763 3e-21 Chondroadherin AAK51556 XM_970227 3e-26 Decorin AAB60901 No match n/a Fibrinidulin CAA53233 AJ549813 9e-21 Keratocan NP_008966 XM_001650288 8e-16 Lumican AAA91639 XM_395331 3e-17 Opticin CAB53459 XM_001606218 4e-11 Osteoglyein CAI16695 NM_206253 4e-04 PRELP CAG47066 XM_001360484 2e-15 Other extraceluar matrix proteins Asporin CAI16697 XM_967172 2e-28 Dermatan Sulf.
Identifying the magnitude of capital investment as Intel's new differentiator (1993) Selected key instances Strategic recognition Direct observation during SLRP Andy Grove: Pointing to the 1993: In his kick-off great uncertainty associated presentation, Grove identified with these capital Intel's successive key strategic investments.
Unlike the SLRP, the RRCP only requires the facility be located in a federally designated Medically Underserved Area.