SLRVStrawberry Latent Ringspot Virus (plants)
SLRVStandard Light Rail Vehicle (US Urban Mass Transportation Administration)
SLRVSail-Lollipop Regatta Verein (German boating race)
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Limited Tenders are invited for Supply of 1)ape spare- pressure gauge 4" qty: 1 no 2)ape- gi reducer 50 x 25nb qty: 1 no 3)ape- dead weight srv qty: 2 no 4)ape- slrv 15 nb qty: 2 no 8)null qty: null null
In PC test, Lift arm angle, Lifting pressure, Lifting time, Lowering Time, MSD setting, Relief valve setting, SLRV setting, Leakage rate, Operating force, neutral pressure and assembly weights are checked and found well within targets.
Tenders are invited for Super Light Rail Vehicle (SLRV) Lubricator Block