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In addition, we calculated the methylation age using the existing Horvath predictor (Horvath 2013) in our resident panels (i.e., WHZH + SY, unexposed to coke-oven emissions), TwinS, and SLSJ. The model intercept of the WHZH, SY, and TwinS were recalibrated using the intercept equalization method and in SLSJ, using the least RMSE method.
With respect to the two validation panels for the age predictor, the TwinS contained 450 Chinese individuals age 18-81 y (mean age 44.8 y; 65.6% men), and the SLSJ contained 160 Caucasians age 5-79 y (mean [+ or -] age 29.0 y; 20% men).
The high accuracy of our age predictor was further validated in an external Chinese population (in TwinS: R = 0.96, RMSE = 3.79) and a Caucasian population (in SLSJ: R = 0.96, RMSE = 4.14); both R and RMSE were similar with those in our primary panels (Figure 1).
Au SLSJ, les ecoles en MR se situent loin des grands centres, si bien que les enseignants associes accueillent rarement des stagiaires.