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Todas estas escalas sao unidimensionais e o valor global da PWI-SC e da SLSS se calcula por simples soma aritmetica de seus itens.
Para describir las subescalas del ECLIS y del MSLSS, y el total de esta ultima y el SLSS se calcularon sus promedios y desviaciones estandar, asi como las correlaciones lineales de Pearson (r) entre las dimensiones que componen los instrumentos aplicados.
None of these will be compulsory either for SLSs or schools, but they give the opportunity for schools wherever they are, whether in an authority with an SLS or one without, to be able to take up the national offers through an SLS that can serve their authority.
Huebner's [42] Students' Life Satisfaction Scale (SLSS) measured general, global life satisfaction.
But there are reasons why SLSs after Dodd-Frank would not look like
The Self Loathing Sub-Scale (SLSS): As described above, the SLSS is a four-item sub-scale of the Exercise Orientation Questionnaire, which measures the level of self dissatisfaction concerning the body and exercise performance (Yates, Edman, Crago, Crowell & Zimmerman, 1999).
Another interesting observation is that some myoepithelial cells of the normal mesothelium show condensation of their myofilaments into compact spindle-like structures (SLSs).
The products in the line are free of parabens, phthalates, SLSs, propylene glycol and animal-derived ingredients.
The SLSS (Huebner, 1991) is a self-report measure to evaluate the satisfaction with life as a whole in individuals ranging in age from 8-18 years.
Additional professional learning opportunities are available through curriculum and classroom practice oriented support programs provided by the Second Level Support Service (SLSS) and Primary Support Programme (PSP) both of which are funded by the DES.
(113) For a detailed overview of the education system in Northern Ireland and its origins see Laura Lundy Education Law, Policy and Practice in Northern Ireland (Belfast: SLSS, 2000); see also Dominic Murray Worlds Apart: Segregated Schools in Northern Ireland (Appletree Press Ltd., 1985) for an analysis of the impact of the separate school system.
These local health systems" (SLSs) will be given the responsibility to co-ordinate the activities of different health providers - including private ones - within a region.