SLSTSierra Leone Selection Trust (est. 1928)
SLSTSurf Life Saving Tasmania
SLSTSingle Locus Sequence Typing (microbiology)
SLSTSea Level Static Thrust
SLSTSt. Louis, San Francisco, and Texas Railway Company
SLSTStage Lighting and Sound Team
SLSTService Leavers' Support Team (British Armed Forces transition to civilian life)
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The three simple and rapid chemical tests, namely, SFMT, SLST and WST, were used for the diagnosis of bovine mastitis in cows.
The highest prevalence of SCM in cows was recorded in SFMT followed by SLST and the least was recorded in WST.
The British, by issuing diamond-collecting licenses and by encouraging the villagers to dig for the official company SLST, attempted to get control of the situation.
The single SLST concession for all of Sierra Leone was split into two lease areas, called Yengema and Tongo (Janse, 1996).
From the days of the SLST Diamond Protection Force, it had encouraged and even required foreign investors to make their own security arran gements.
In 1955, the colonial authorities scrapped SLST's nation-wide monopoly, confining its operations to Yengema and Tongo Field, an area of about 450 square miles.
A populist, he quickly turned diamonds and the presence of SLST into a political issue, tacitly encouraging illicit mining, and becoming involved himself in criminal or near-criminal activities.
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