SLSUSouthern Luzon State University (formerly Southern Luzon Polytechnic College; Philippines)
SLSUSea Level Static Uninstalled (engine thrust)
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Comparisons among management types indicate that grass and litter cover was significantly lower in IESB and SLSB than in SLSU (IESB vs.
IESB = intensive early-stocked burned, SLSB = season-long stocked burned, SLSU = season-long stocked unburned pasture.
Cecilia Gascon, SLSU president, told the Manila Bulletin that the university does not recognize any fraternity, but confirmed that four of those involved in the initiation rites were SLSU students.
Robert Stevens, Chairman of Dematco states, "We are very pleased with the steady order flow for our SLSU sub-product line and are actively seeking to broaden and expand the markets for our unique dematerialized instruments.
PETS offers complete, seamless, real-time integration and trading of dematerialized SLSU with instantaneous clearance and settlement in real time.
Four other European investment groups have already engaged Dematco to dematerialize their SLSUs into sub-products.
Dematco charges a two percent (2%) fee based on the face value of the SLSUs for dematerializing the instruments, and three percent (3%) of the face value of the SLSUs upon completion of structuring the sub-products.
The resulting SLSU dematerialized sub-products will be traded through Private Trading Systems PLC (PlusMarkets: PTSP), a proprietary trading and clearing system.
We expect to further expand on our efficient and effective management of SLSUs and SLSU sub-products.
Dematco will dematerialize, list, and then trade SLSUs on the PTS trading platform known as PETS.
comments, "We are pleased to announce this substantive progress in our client-based dematerializations of SLSU instruments.
In addition, it became clear that an opportunity to create new instruments and products based upon the underlying SLSUs, an area hitherto apparently never developed.