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SLTSalut (French)
SLTSri Lanka Telecom
SLTSchool Leadership Team
SLTSomething Like That
SLTSelective Laser Trabeculoplasty
SLTSouth Lake Tahoe (California)
SLTSenior Leadership Team
SLTSingle Lens Translucent (digital cameras)
SLTSingle Line Telephone
SLTSalt Lake Tribune
SLTShiga-Like Toxin (Enterohemorrhagic Escherichia coli)
SLTSo Little Time
SLTSocial Learning Theory (behavioral psychology)
SLTSecond Life Time (gaming)
SLTStuff Like That (polite form)
SLTStatistical Learning Theory
SLTSpoken Language Technology (Workshop)
SLTStrategic Leadership Team (New Zealand)
SLTSecond Language Teaching
SLTScots Law Times (law reporter; Scotland, UK)
SLTSolid Logic Technology
SLTSoftware License Terms
SLTSystem Level Test
SLTSubscriber Line Terminal (NEC)
SLTSemi-Lagrangian Transport
SLTSouth Luzon Tollway (Philippines)
SLTSlice Thickness (Magnetic Resonance Imaging)
SLTSystem Load Tape
SLTSlotervaart Leefbare Tuinstad
SLTStrong Langmuir Turbulence
SLTSwing Lander Trainer (US Army Jump School)
SLTSouth London Tangerines (UK)
SLTSchool of Living Traditions (Ifugao, Philippines)
SLTSituated Learning Theory
SLTStandard Lead Time
SLTStockpile Laboratory Test
SLTSimulated Laser Target
SLTSpanish Lyric Theatre (Tampa, Florida)
SLTSpeech and Language Therapist/Therapy
SLTSequential Linear Test
SLTSuper Light Transmission (optics)
SLTSelf-Loading Tape
SLTSingle-Line Transects
SLTSearch Light Transmission
SLTSubscriber Line Terminating equipment (ITU-T)
SLTStatistical Life Test
SLTSmooth Local Trigonometric
SLTStaffordshire Learning Technologies (UK)
SLTService-Level Test
SLTSurvey and Liaison Team (DoD)
SLTSystem Laboratory Test
SLTSuomi Lyriikka Tuotanto
SLTSpecific Launch Trajectory
SLTSvenska Litografiska Tryckeriet (Swedish office supplies company)
SLTSoftware Leadership Team
SLTStudent Leadership Training
SLTSindh Literacy Team (Pakistan)
SLTSpoken Language Translation (workshop)
SLTSpeech-Language Therapy (various organizations)
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The SLT Group provides a full range of ICT facilities and services in the areas of voice, data, broadband, wholesale, enterprise, TV and mobile services.
5) If the SLT was positive, they were taken to the OR for evaluation of the joint capsule integrity and were diagnosed as either having or not having a traumatic arthrotomy.
iii) SLT B, one 13-cm-deep SLT in front of a 33-cm-deep tine;
To this end, the first question examined is the degree to which harm reduction messages can potentially increase public understanding of the relative risk of low nitrosamine SLT vs.
The TIC SLT will be a complement to the two older TIC system elements that focus on collecting securities data: the annual surveys, which collect detailed data on cross-border securities positions; and the TIC S, which collects cross-border securities transactions data.
Descriptive analyses of SLT ever use among respondents in grades 6 to 9 were examined according to year of data collection and sex.
SLT has benefited from the support of Northern Defence Industries, of which it is a member, as well as Blyth Valley Council, Business Link Northumberland and HSBC Bank.
She insisted that she wasn't going to provide the SLT with the benefit of her interpretation of the contract.
Hashimoto said SLT is confident the new initiative ''will be a vehicle that will take the information revolution to every corner of Sri Lanka in the not too distant future.
City attorneys believe SLT made faulty sewer pipe linings in 1991, which inundated portions of downtown with raw sewage erupting from manholes.
All share one feature exemplified by the test Laramie SLT, though.
The amount of the SLT is proportionate to the benefits conferred upon each parcel.