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The SLTH was performed using both dominant and non-dominant legs.
In addition, SLTH distance for the left and right legs were significantly shorter for the injured soldiers compared to the soldiers not reporting any injury (Table 2).
Of those, only body fat %, 2K run and SLTH of the left leg were found to be significant predictors, and are reported in Table 3.
In addition, A significant predictor (p < 0.0176) was observed when the lower performing leg was compared to higher performing leg SLTH percentage was calculated (lower performing leg/higher performing leg * 100)) for distance.
Both %BF and SLTH distance were separate predictors of injury during this study.
Body composition, SLTH 10 meter sprint and 2K run do appear to differentiate between injured and non-injured soldiers, and the SLTH, 2K run and body fat % are each separate predictors of injury for female soldiers in the CFIC.