SLTRCSierra Leone Truth and Reconciliation Commission
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(348) It also granted Foday Sankoh, the RUF leader, an explicit pardon, (349) gave "absolute and free pardon and reprieve to all combatants and collaborators in respect of anything done by them," (350) and provided for the creation of a Truth and Reconciliation Commission (the SLTRC).
(359) The Truth and Reconciliation Commission Act 2000 (SLTRC Act) provided a forum for perpetrators and victims to tell their stories without offering the carrot of amnesty.
1082, 1083-85 (2004) (stating that despite concurrent operation and significant overlaps in jurisdiction, neither the SLTRC Act nor the SC Statute made specific reference to the other; the Prosecutor of the SCSL, David Crane, merely indicated his intention not to use the resources of the SLTRC); see also Prosecutor v.