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Banky byly v ramci setreni dotazany i na skutecnost, zda a jak se zmenila bonitni kriteria pro poskytnuti HU fyzickym osobam na bydleni sLTV do vyse 70% mezi roky 2007 a 2010, resp.
Fitch included the deferred amounts when calculating the borrower's LTV and sLTV, despite the lower payment and amounts not being owed during the term of the loan.
The pool has a weighted average sustainable loan-to-value ratio (WA sLTV) of 82.1%, and the WA model FICO is 689.
The pool has a weighted average (WA) original FICO score of 751, high average balance of $664,560 and a low sustainable loan-to-value (sLTV) ratio of 68.4%.
The trust pool has a weighted average (WA) seasoning of 42 months, WA original loan-to-value ratio (OLTV) of 72.8% and sustainable loan-to-value ratio (sLTV) of 85.3%.