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SLUDSalivation, Lacrimation, Urination, Defecation (symptoms of nerve agent poisoning)
SLUDSemana Linux Universidad Distrital (Spanish: University District Linux Week; Columbian computer festival)
SLUDSeis Lagos Utility District (Wylie, TX)
SLUDSpecial Limited Use Document
SLUDSmall Lightweight UHF (Ultra High Frequency) Diplexer
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"Slud! then," answered Western, "I tell you I have power, and I will fulfil it.
The left fielder picked up the baseball, hurried his throw, and the ball sailed over the third baseman just as I slud * into the bag.
Sure enough, the economy, as Tim had predicted, "slud straight down the tube." That included CompuStar, which folded in August of '90, stranding Martin Daley on the beach of Bryant Park.
In 3.3 of Romeo and Juliet (The Theatre?, 1595-1596), where the Nurse visits Friar Lawrence's cell, she is positioned offstage and repeatedly seeks admittance: 'Enter Nurse, and knocke' (Q2, G4v; 3.3.70); (15) 'They knocke' (G4v; 3.3.73); 'Slud knock' (G4v; 3.3.75); 'Knocke' (G4v; 3.3.77).
A melee was a "melly." A conflict became a "confliction" A base runner didn't slide into third, he "slud."
In Smith's description of Dean's grammar, "Runners 'slud' ...