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SLUDGEScripting Language for Unhindered Development of A Gaming Environment
SLUDGESalivation, Lacrimation, Urination, Defecation, Gastrointestinal Distress and Emesis (medical term; response to organophosphate poisoning)
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The recovery is made up of the following components the sewage sludge in the recovery position and receipt of shipment.
For ozonation performance evaluations, total chemical oxygen demand (TCOD), sludge volume index (SVI), total solid (TS), SCOD, TSS and VSS were measured for each ozonation experiment.
TOM: We work on Volvos that develop sludge problems sometimes.
The present study was undertaken to discover any possible effect of iron addition on the anaerobic digestion of the primary-waste activated sludge mixture and phosphorus release during the digestion of the sludge mixture.
In the present research, effects of some natural polymers on sludge dewatering by a vacuum filter has been studied and then their efficiency is compared with those of chemical coagulants.
The water supplier said a large number of the Midland celds enriched with sludge are used to grow food for both human and animal consumption.
More than 150 of these sludge impoundments, also called slurry ponds, dot the mountains of West Virginia.
The interactive tool offers advice from competent consultants to end users on any queries they might have regarding the treatment of sludge.
The city now could be forced to spend up to $21 million per year to truck its sludge to Arizona.
The group determined the quantity of triclocarban in samples of the incoming sewage and outgoing liquid and sludge.
2005) did not describe fertilizer applications apart from nitrogen, but I doubt that they added as much phosphorus to the control plot as they did to the treated plot in the form of sludge content.
The company has developed Japan's first sludge processing method by which to sort out efficiently impure substances including pulp shot-fibers and ink chemicals to produce inorganic chemicals in fine grain forms, while ensuring whiteness comparable to conventional clay-based inorganic additives.