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SLUGSydney Linux Users Group
SLUGSingle Lock-Up Garage (real estate)
SLUGSan Francisco League of Urban Gardeners (San Francisco, CA)
SLUGSchools Linux User Group (South Africa)
SLUGStavanger Linux User Group
SLUGStratford Linux Users Group (Canada)
SLUGSalt Lake Under Ground (magazine)
SLUGSyracuse Linux Users Group
SLUGSociety of Linguistics Undergraduates
SLUGSuperconducting Low-inductance Undulatory Galvanometer
SLUGSelectee Learning Under Guidance
SLUGStudents Learning Under Guidance
SLUGSorry Loser Under Ground (from Mary Amato book The Word Eater)
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My grandfather had had it made, and, like other buildings, it enjoyed a period of prosperity before being left to the ravages of slugs and children, when he came down every afternoon in summer and drank his coffee there and read his Kreuzzeitung and dozed, while the rest of us went about on tiptoe, and only the birds dared sing.
The research team also discovered that Slug likely functions as a safeguard against age-related decline of breast stem cell function.
Participants were asked to construct four slug traps, one containing lager, one bitter, one water and one 'wildcard' drink of their choice, then check them twice a week for catches.
| Ducks are a great slug predator - Khaki Campbells or Indian Runners are reputed to be the best.
Two new products based on essential oils and claiming effectiveness as snail and slug repellents recently became available and also were evaluated.
Many people aren't comfortable using slug pellets, even though the latest organic varieties are safe for garden animals and pets.
To keep the slugs in my garden under control, I use several different prongs of attack.
Sales of slug pellets have soared by nearly 30% in the past month in a race to save the nation's bedding plants.
You need to match the slug's diameter to the choke.
The growth in slug sightings in Birmingham comes after a mild winter last year, with a lack of frost meaning slugs weren't killed off as we headed into spring.
But we kind of wanted to find out to what degree, so we decided to shoot a bunch of current slug loads from a scoped, rifled-barrel Browning A-Bolt Stalker topped with a Burris Droptine 2-7X Slug Scope and an open-sighted Benelli Tactical M2 smoothbore.
Venturing out each morning and evening on my constitutional slug patrol, I have picked off at least 30 of these incessant pests per session but each time I look out during or after a downpour, there they are again, climbing walls, scaling even the most thin-stemmed clematis, stripping plants of flowers and foliage and leaving their slimy trail.