SLUISustainable Land Use Initiative (New Zealand)
SLUISalinity and Land Use Impacts (Australia)
SLUISpoken Language User Interface
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Natural-language processing is a notoriously difficult field, and developing a SLUI Toolkit powerful and general enough to be useful to programmers working in a wide variety of application areas will require BCL to overcome a number of technical challenges, ranging from algorithms to deal with ambiguity in natural language to designing effective "wrappers" to interface with the target application programs.
The ATP funding will assist BCL in proving the feasibility of the high-return high-risk technology in the SLUI Toolkit We feel strongly that this is the future wave to ride," says Hassan Alam, CEO of BCL Computers.
The development of the SLUI toolkit takes BCL into the Natural Language aspect of human computer interaction where computers begin to understand written and spoken input.