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"Nay, it would ill become me to cast a slur upon a lady who is both my guest and the wife of my comrade-in-arms," said the Seneschal of Villefranche.
"I know English, and I know what you mean, sir," Johnson answered, his flush deepening at the slur on his knowledge of the English language.
There was more than one slur on the Colonel that made people shy of him; but the blot of the Diamond is all I need mention here.
Were the anonymous letter containing racial and homophobic slurs a Geneva man sent to people from a "What's Happening" Facebook group a crime, or speech protected by the First Amendment?
Another commonly used slur for a politician is 'flap doodler' which means a speaker of portentous but empty words, best described as a demagogue.
According to Kappell's attorneys, the defendants engaged in "callous and reckless conduct" following what was described by Kappell to be an unintentional "verbal slip." The lawsuit also referred to a statement made by Reingold following the January incident in which he had made it sound like "Kappell had intentionally uttered a racial slur. In doing so, Reingold defamed Kappell, as he knew or should have known that his statement, particularly as it related to Kappell's linguistic error and intent, was false."
Lisanti was stripped of her leadership position in the House Economic Matters Committee Tuesday following a Washington Post report thatshe used a slur to describe an area of Prince George's County.
Read:State to deport racist Chinese national after 'monkeys' slur on Uhuru, Kenyans
A 25-year-old Bahraini has lost his challenge against a one-month jail sentence for using racial slurs and threatening officers.
Shares dropped on Wednesday following a Forbes report that Schnatter used the N-word, a highly offensive slur to refer to blacks, in a conference call.
Initial investigations revealed that the issue arose after a commonly used local racial slur was typed by a Pos Laju staff member into its online postal tracking system on June 25.
I have received correspondence to suggest that Cllr Dempster's Islamophobic slur was not a one-off.