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SLURPSemi-Distributed Land Use-Based Runoff Processes
SLURPStochastic Library Unit with Relationships Preserved
SLURPSpecial Laser Underwater Reporting Post
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Experts taste a wine based on one or two slurps (they slurp too), they reel off a few hundred adjectives and move on to the next glass.
By simply connecting a device running Slurp to a PC via USB, firewire or Bluetooth, the 'PodSlurping' application enables a device to quickly copy (in less than two minutes) all business documents (.
According to Abe Usher, Founder of Sharp Ideas, Slurp Audit was developed as a vulnerability assessment tool to help demonstrate to customers the data theft risks associated with portable storage devices.
29 each, alongside nachos, 54-ounce Slurp & Gulps and Big Bite Hot Dogs in a test-marketing campaign designed to gauge the public's hunger for health food.
Add a dash of piripiri, serve in chilled bowls garnished with chopped cucumber and slurp away
PICK-ME-UP: Baby otter Snowdrop grasps bottle; GOING FOR IT: She raises the pinta to her lips; CREATURE COMFORT: Latching on for a slurp
Party-goers will open wide and melt under the flow of the "ice slide" -- releasing liquor shots from 6 vertical feet, slurp "Wazarita" margaritas created from a stockpile of over 100 tequilas, or gulp a 1/2 yard "Wazowie" -- a special blend of vodka and succulent juices.
And women would rather slurp a broth with sexy film star George Clooney, a survey from Baxters revealed.
Bowl food is comfort food,'' write Lynne Aronson and Elizabeth Simon in their cookbook, ``BowlFood Cookbook: 200 Exciting, Eclectic Recipes to Spoon, Slurp, Twirl & Dip'' (Workman Publishing; $12.
Without harming the coral, the vacuum slurps up the algae and spews it onto the barge.
But there is surely a crucial difference: the Birmingham building is like a giant spotty slug, which slurps in visitors through tiny orifices.
The further west one goes, however, the less popular it is, with the whole of Europe barely eating 1/15th of the number of packets Japan now slurps through annually (400 million vs.