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SLUTSSouthern Ladies under Tremendous Stress
SLUTSSt. Louis Ubiquitous Tailoring Society (University City, MO; costume society; founded 1991)
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There’s old Hector”— patting with affection a tall hound of black and yellow spots, with white belly and legs, that just then came in on the scent, accompanied by the slut he had mentioned; “see where the wolves bit his throat, the night I druv them from the venison that was smoking on the chimney top—that dog is more to be trusted than many a Christian man; for he never forgets a friend, and loves the hand that gives him bread,”
It sounded very like 'confounded slut,' but I was quite willing it should be something else.
It is true the design of deluding a woman of fortune, if I had been so, was base enough; the putting the face of great things upon poor circumstances was a fraud, and bad enough; but the case a little differed too, and that in his favour, for he was not a rake that made a trade to delude women, and, as some have done, get six or seven fortunes after one another, and then rifle and run away from them; but he was really a gentleman, unfortunate and low, but had lived well; and though, if I had had a fortune, I should have been enraged at the slut for betraying me, yet really for the man, a fortune would not have been ill bestowed on him, for he was a lovely person indeed, of generous principles, good sense, and of abundance of good-humour.
Katerina Ivanovna at once pointed out to her, that as she was a slut she could not judge what made one really a lady.
Race, gender and sexual violence were emphasized at this year's fourth annual Slut Walk in Edmonton.
Mr Bloom later asked BBC Newsnight's political editor Allegra Stratton whether her mother ever called her a slut.
Last week Coventry Women's Voices and Coventry Feminists successfully lobbied for the Spotted: Sluts of Coventry page to be taken down.
I'm a reformed slut," she said, explaining that she was reclaiming the word in her songs.
Constable Michael Sanguinetti told a group of young women in Toronto they should avoid "dressing like sluts in order not to be victimised".
In their videos, our male kwaito and rap male "artists" and stars become the pimps and our female "artists" and dancers remain their sluts.
Returning to my topic today, ten weeks after the constable made his statement, many women in Canada gathered enough supporters to stage what was to be known as Slut Walk.
In fact, it was the capital's first ever Slut Walk - a global movement in which scantily-clad women march in the name of justice.