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SLUTSSouthern Ladies under Tremendous Stress
SLUTSSt. Louis Ubiquitous Tailoring Society (University City, MO; costume society; founded 1991)
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But did you know that some people use slut in a positive way?
Whether a fellow slut or simply an ally, you don't have to wear your sexual proclivities on your sleeve, we just ask that you come.
The Canadian constable used the word slut in the sense of promiscuous or someone who has loose morals.
On almost every continent, slut walks have shouted down the idea that a woman's choice of clothing abrogates her legal right to say no to sex.
Slut Walk was organised as a protest against the notion that skimpy dresses act as instigator in rape and sexual abuse.
Dr Nicole Westmarland, ex-chairwoman of Rape Crisis and a lecturer in Criminology at Durham University, said: "The good thing about Slut Walks is that they are engaging a whole new generation of women into becoming active about dismissing myths and stereotypes surrounding sexual violence.
The protesters - some in corset tops and fishnet tights - hit the streets as part of the global slut walk phenomenon.
Macho Sluts became the focal point of the most famous censorship battles between Little Sister's bookstore in Vancouver and Canadian Customs.
Looking up the Satanic Sluts on the internetIwas unable to enter their "adult only" website because, in line with Media Wales company policy, it had been blocked.
It's written by guys who happen to be gay who are sluts.
Astrid, Juli, and Thisbe, all age 15, are known around town as the Whores on the Hill, the sluts of Sacred Heart, bad girls who will do anything.
outright schadenfreude" [Richard Goldstein, "Red Sluts, Blue Sluts," Jan.