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SLVState Library of Victoria (Australia)
SLVEl Salvador (ISO Country code)
SLVSan Luis Valley (various locations)
SLVSolvang (Amtrak station code; Solvang, CA)
SLVSan Lorenzo Valley
SLVSdc Log Viewer
SLVSmall Launch Vehicle
SLVSatellite-Launch Vehicle
SLVShort Leg Vertical
SLVSingle Language Vendor
SLVShort and Long Vowel (language)
SLVSalt Lake Valley (Utah)
SLVSalvage Value
SLVSpacecraft Launch Vehicle
SLVStandard Launch Vehicle
SLVShallot Latent Virus
SLVSpace Launched Vehicle
SLVSoftware Loader Verifier
SLVServeur Linux Vidéo (French: Linux Video Server)
SLVSan Luis Video Publishing (California)
SLVSection Leader Vehicle (US Marine Corps)
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For a personal touch, SLV incorporated older stone from the existing fireplace into the new concept --a request from the client.
The transmission of slaving data from the MCS to multiple TSs facilitates seamless tracking of the SLV in a sparsely located multiple TS environment.
n), number of isolates having the same PFGE pattern; MLST, multilocus sequence typing; (N), number of isolates on which MLST was performed; SLV, single locus variant, DLV, double locus variant
Direct Support Electrical Systems Test Set (DSESTS), Stryker, Long Range Advanced Scout Surveillance System (LRAS3) and Paladin systems use SLV software to change the firmware in their on-board modules.
Partnering with BOCES and the SLV school counselors brings to mind the phrase 'it takes a community to raise a child.
Some other examples of this linguistic interanimation and developing socio-ideological language consciousness may be seen in local corpus building projects, the increased usage of SLV in (tourist-directed) sign media, and emblematisation of maximally distinct recurrent SLV lexis (sc.
Through the Kanawha County H1N1 task force, KCHD partnered with school nurses, county and city paramedics, a school-based health center and community volunteers/parents to conduct multiple onsite SLV clinics each day.
SLV could not be immediately reach to comment on the report.
Companies that want to operate flights in light concentrations of volcanic ash need to have a permission from SLV.
From the group's input, the Senior Living Vehicle (SLV) and SLV GTX were born.
By SLV we will understand a mixed system (with the meaning discussed above) which verifies the following sufficient predicates: