SLVLSplenic Lymphoma with Villus Lymphocytes
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When 2N = 20, d = [lambda]/2, SLVL = -35dB, and the function is fitness = [absolute value of MSLL - SLVL], then the results are as follows.
When 2N = 20 and d = [lambda]/2, get the deepest nulling when [theta] = 70[degrees], SLVL = -35 dB, NLVL = -80 dB, and the function is fitness = [absolute value of MSLL - SLVL], the results are as follows.
SLVL = -30 dB, d = [alpha]/2, and weight is obtained by the Chebyshev method.
Flow cytometry is invaluable in the differential diagnosis of "hairy" lymphocytes because SLVL, HCL-C, HCL-V, and HCL-J often have different immunoprofiles.
Poor response to ot-IFN and absence of CD103 reactivity raise the possibility of SLVL. However, pancytopenia, reticular chromatin, abundant cytoplasm, expression of CD25, and very intense expression of CD11c strongly argue against SLVL.
We also reviewed the clinical, morphologic, cytochemical, and immunophenotypic criteria helpful in differentiating HCL and SLVL. This case emphasizes the variability of hairy B-cell neoplasms and the need to correlate all clinical and pathologic data in reaching a diagnosis.