SLVPSri Lanka Volunteer and Travel Program
SLVPSenior Lawyer Volunteer Project (Utah Legal Services, Inc.)
SLVPService-Learning and Volunteer Programs
SLVPSystolic Left Ventricular Pressure
SLVPSt. Lawrence Valley Paddlers (Canton, NY)
SLVPSaint Louis Vibrating Products (Saint Louis, MO)
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0-Nurjay Sahali Team A, NICA Team Ilonggo, Team Larry Dumadag, SLVP Chess Team, Novelty School of Chess Quezon City, Pacman Team C, Aton Brothers, Pacman Team A, Dimachintucan Team, Bobby Pacquiao C, Elman Team A, 5.
Safety inspection of the frigate class 122 Augsburgthis, including the following - Docking of the ship- Extensive work in the field of shipbuilding, mechanical engineering and marine engineering- A technical amendment TA 03291 video surveillance system upper deck- Technical change TA B 05408 XBT / XSV Launcher- A technical amendment TA 06390 Installation antifouling system F 122- A technical amendment TA 08095 sound pollution capsules AnDiMot- Technical change TA B 08207 BFA SLVP
5; the Ilonggos clobbered SLVP, 3-1; and Elegant Houses in Pampanga drubbed Novelty School of Chess-Quezon City, 3-1.