SLWSonic Lost World (gaming)
SLWSecretary for Labour and Welfare (Hong Kong)
SLWSettler Lite for Windows
SLWSpecific Leaf Weight
SLWSaltillo, Coahuila, Mexico - Saltillo (Airport Code)
SLWSingle Line Working
SLWSuper-Cooled Liquid Water
SLWStraight Line Winds (meteorology)
SLWStraight-Line Wavelength
SLWSurgical Licensed Ward
SLWSkill Level Waiver
SLWSurface Launched Weaponry
SLWSpace-based Laser Weapon
SLWStatic Loaded Width (tires)
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Steamed liver water (SLW): The SL was immersed in boiling water for 30 min.
Is there any common pattern of voice realized through ATTITUDE and GRADUATION resources among the three types of LRs (i.e., CNC, qualitative SLW, and quantitative SLW)?
With the SLW pump, the 165-year-old Bornemann brand is able to provide an extensive twin screw industrial pump portfolio to customers in the chemical, oil & gas, tank storage, shipbuilding, power generation and general industrial markets.
This approach was successful, I thought, until I met Kalie, a sophomore and another SLW.
Total leaf dry weight-TLDW = LDW(NL + NS-1) SLW = LDW/LA
[14-16] measure sustained supercooled liquid water (SLW) in orographic clouds.
SLW stands for Super Light Weight, and this mid-length direct-gas AR tips the scales at just a smidge over six pounds.
Daniel Defense's M4 Carbine V11 SLW recently got a pair of overhauls in the form of attractive and durable Cerakote finishes, namely Daniel Defense Tornado and Mil Spec+.
The current membership of the group is available on request from SLW. The institutions currently participating in the ENLIST Group are:
Canadian mining firm Silver Wheaton Corp.'s (TSX: SLW) (NYSE: SLW) Silver Wheaton (Caymans) Ltd.
Table 2--Average Monthly Return and Average Standard Deviation of the Portfolios Portfolios SLL SML SHL SLW SMW SHW BLL Average return 1.20% 1.83% 3.08% 1.79% 2.41% 3.16% 1.22% Standard deviation 9.60% 9.36% 13.05% 9.11% 8.23% 10.00% 8.62% Portfolios BML BHL BLW BMW BHW Average return 0.70% 1.58% 0.88% 1.28% 0.85% Standard deviation 8.86% 11.41% 9.42% 10.59% 10.28% Source: Results of the study Notes: This table presents the average return and standard deviation of the portfolios, calculated for the period between January 1998 and March 2012.
Specific leaf weight (SLW, expressed as dry weight cnT2) of plants was measured.