SLYASt. Lawrence Youth (Canada)
SLYASt. Louis Young Adults (Missouri)
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SLYA is involved in an active consultation process with key stakeholders at the community and district levels.
The year has passed quickly from when I, as SLYA chair, first viewed the nominations in January.
Ginette Doyle is a former Chair of the School Library Association and Chair of the SLYA Judges.
On the SLYA visit the judges were able to take part in the lesson where A-level students handed in their EPQ assignments.
On the SLYA visit to Monk's Walk School we saw the remains of the toast left over from breakfast club, which is one of 13 clubs run in the library.
The SLYA came about when Aidan Chambers suggested an award to recognise the work of school library staff.
Wendy's nominator had jokingly said that Wendy should be nominated for the Librarian of the World award and felt compelled to look up the SLYA to nominate Wendy, the first time I've come across a nominator setting out to discover an award for which she sees a potential winner.
One of the delights of being Vice Chair of the SLA last year was that I also became Chair of the SLYA panel and, being fortunate in a very supportive school and Senior Management Team, I was able to visit all six of the shortlisted Librarians.