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SLanTSign Language Teacher
SLanTState Line Area Narcotics Team (Wisconsin/Illinois)
SLanTSchool Library Association of the Northern Territory
SLanTSit up, Lean forward, Activate your thinking, Name key information, and Track the talker
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Look at him huntin' for a slant!" says Captain Hodgson.
There is the faint "szgee" of the rudder, and back slides the arrow to 6000 on a falling slant of ten or fifteen knots.
A vortex has us by the beak and we dive down a two-thousand foot slant at an angle (the dip-dial and my bouncing body record it) of thirty-five.
So we breakfast in the arms of an easterly slant which pushes us along at a languid twenty.
It was planted straight up the mountain with the slant of a ladder that leans against a house, and it seemed to us that man would need good nerves who proposed to travel up it or down it either.
The cavern did not come to an end, as they had expected it would, but slanted upward through the great glass mountain, running in a direction that promised to lead them to the side opposite the Mangaboo country.
Providing a wealth of technical information, A New Slant on Acting is a complete manual for film actors.
Two basic theories are applied and get benefits, for this study to evaluate the frame and slant analyzing the content of selected three newspapers.
According to Myka Meier, royal etiquette expert and founder and director of Beaumont Etiquette, the "duchess slant" is the perfect pose when a camera is shooting directly in front because by slightly slanting the knees, the legs are angled to protect one's modesty.
Both the thickness and layer spacing were 3 mm on average; the gantry slant angle e ranged from 0[degrees] to 20[degrees] (forward or backward).
"Slant the Sapling," directed by Kuo Jun-ming, is the story of a young sapling, Slant, who pines to grow up to be a tall and straight tree like the other trees around her.