SM1Someone (chat)
SM1Primary Sensorimotor
SM1Signalman First Class (Naval Rating)
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Moreover, when compared to SM0, the increase in grain yield noted in case of SM2 and SM1 was 31% and 17% as against SM1.
The central module SM1 will be situated behind the electric meter into the main electrical distributor and will monitor the common consumption of the electrical energy of the small energy consumer.
The team later created an antibody to find a protein similar to SM1 that existed naturally in the parasite, which they identified as TRAP.
Mussels were generally more abundant at sites SM1 and SM3 and followed a seasonal pattern of increasing density between April and July in 2006 and 2007.
The Johns Hopkins team filled cages with equal numbers of wild mosquitoes and ones carrying the gene for SM1.
To develop a trigger for producing SM1 at the right time, Jacobs-Lorena found a genetic on switch for a digestive enzyme that mosquito guts secrete during a blood meal and linked it to a synthetic gene designed to produce SM1.
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a) Eric Clapton b) Eric Cantona c) Eric Bristow By Telephone: Call 0901 229 2392 and follow the instructions By Text: Text SM1 followed by a space and your answer, your name, address and postcode to 84080.
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