SMACNASheet Metal and Air Conditioning Contractors National Association
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SMACNA IAQ Guidelines for Occupied Buildings Under Construction, 2nd edition ANSI/ SMACNA 008 x 2008.
SMACNA is the Sheet Metal and Air Conditioning Contractors National Association, with chapters in the U.
Points for Follow SMACNA Construction following IAQ Guidelines for SMACNA Occupied IAQ Buildings under Guidelines for Construction.
28, Long Island SMACNA, and NYC SMACNA, launched its interactive marketing campaign designed to highlight the unique, forward-thinking labor-management partnership, and to highlight the skill and quality provided by the Industry's workforce.
UMEC also received awards from: MCAA Safety Statistics Program (Safety Excellence Award for "Zero Lost Workday cases"); SMACNA (First Place for 500,000+ man-hours for safety excellence and statistics program); Arizona Subcontractors Association ("Company of the Year", for safety performance).
All main ducts shall be fabricated in accordance with SMACNA standards for low pressure duct.
Construction complies with SMACNA standards, National Building Codes of Canada and to NFPA when applicable.
The ductwork and fitting construction met or exceeded the requirements provided in the SMACNA HVAC Duct Construction Standards (SMACNA 2005).
Apprentices are required to complete a five-year curriculum taught at this 16,000 s/f, state-of-the-art facility, combined with a concurrent on-the-job training assignment to the two SMACNA Association employers where they develop their skills under the supervision of experienced journeyperson craftspeople.
Frequent speaker and trainer at local and national conferences including SMACNA, NEMI, ACCA, MCA, PHCC, Comfortech, ISH, and other manufacturer groups
Demolition, as each gas heater is removed from the duct, a new duct transition which shall be constructed to the latest edition of SMACNA and shall be constructed of galvanized sheet metal internally lined with duct line and shall encase the hot water coils, see linked file.