SMAESystems Management Application Entity
SMAESystem Management Application Entity
SMAESociety of Model Aeronautical Engineers (UK)
SMAESurface Mounted Applications Electronics (Ratingen, Germany)
SMAESailor Moon Awards Engine
SMAESimulated Minority Admissions Exercise (Louisiana State University)
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The smae scope mounts fits all three H&K receivers, so you can change the scope from one rifle caliber to another instantly, but you will have to re-zero for the new rifle.
A simpler answer may be to let robots "read" objects in the s smae way that blind people read Braille.
to reopen their contract for the purpose of regaining compensation parity and returning to the smae bargaining cycle as General Motors and Ford Motor Co.
Feeder amplifiers do, however, require the smae high quality, high reliability and low levels of noise and non-linear distortion characteristic of the trunk amplifier.
As far as Chiropody professional bodies went, The Society of Chiropodists ruled the roost, the Institute were some way behind, and SMAE were a long way behind either.
The Tory health spokesman has declared donations from Mr Batt, a Tory councillor from Amersham, Bucks, but describes him only as the principal of the SMAE Institute, a chiropody college.
Having completed a Smae course in 1962 I joined my father in his established practice.