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SMAFService Management Access Function
SMAFSynthetic Mobile Music Application Format
SMAFSynthetic music Mobile Application Format (Yamaha)
SMAFSend Me a Friend (network)
SMAFSusquehanna Music and Arts Festival (Darlington, MD)
SMAFService Management Agent Function
SMAFS-Band Multiple Access Forward
SMAFSmooth Muscle Activating Factor
SMAFSuperior Mesenteric Artery Flow (cardiovascular medicine)
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The methods used to develop the SMAF and SQIP are comparable; however, the agricultural systems used when these indexing methods were developed differed.
LTCS = long-term care settings; HDS = Hierarchic Dementia Scale; CCI = Charlson Comorbidity Index; SMAF = Functional Autonomy Measurement System; NHBPS = Nursing Home Behavior Problem Scale.
The result was averaged over the 2 depths and considered in SMAF indexing for the 0-0.
dagger]) Models adjusted for socio-demographic characteristics (sex, age, country of birth, marital status, education, family income), health characteristics (SF36 Physical Component Summary, GDS, SMAF, SF36 Social Functioning), social environment (social support, children living nearby) and residential environment (% residents below the low income cut- off, % residents speaking neither French nor English, % residents with university degree).
The SMAF was completed again along with a questionnaire on utilization of health-care services.
Since the SMAF was initially developed for clinical purposes including a contribution to the planning of interventions and allocation of services, the inter-rater reliability of the scale was verified for each item and not for the total or sub-scores.
The update also adds improved audio functionality, with support for MP3, PCM, ADPCM, and SMAF audio formats.
QSound Labs' microQ solution for Broadcom supports all of today's most popular content formats, namely, MIDI, SP-MIDI, Mobile DLS and SMAF.
Minister of finance described him the list of deliverables still in progress under the existing SMAF with the responsible agencies, an action plan for the SMART SMAFcommitments for 2017/2018, implementation mechanism for all the commitments and a matrix of all the commitments made under the Afghanistan National Development Framework (ANPDF).
Yamaha Corporation, the world's largest manufacturer of musical instruments and a leader in digital audio, announced today that SMAF Sound Decorator will be provided free of charge from tomorrow, December 23.
0 and above), SMAF (MA3 chipset and above) and RMF, over-the-air support through WAP push, BREW and MMS and handset support on all Qualcomm-enabled CDMA handsets, including the Sanyo SCP 5000, Samsung A600, S105 and S205, Motorola 720 and the Danger Device.
i) SMAF (Synthetic music Mobile Application Format) is a data format proposed by Yamaha that allows production and distribution of contents combining sound and images.