SMAGSalaire Minimum Agricole Garanti (French: Guaranteed Minimum Agricultural Wage; France and Morocco)
SMAGSupply Management Activity Group
SMAGScottish Motor Auction Group
SMAGScott McRae Automotive Group (Jacksonville, FL)
SMAGSupply Maintenance Activity Group
SMAGSparkle Magic API for Graphics
SMAGSalisbury Mutual Assistance Group (Maryland)
SMAGSystems Maintenance Assembly Group
SMAGSocial Media Anthropology Group (Salt Lake City, UT)
SMAGSingapore Malay Amateur Golf
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Materiel covers the costs of all DMAG purchases from the SMAG.
In preparing for the battle ahead, SMAG is putting its activities into a more formal structure.
SMAG has nominated Geoffrey Sinclair - a consultant for the Campaign for the Protection of Rural Wales - to speak for them.
Our assistance to the SMAG manpower-integrated product team helped design a model that will size work force to workload.
The delivery of a third gantry ZPMC brand containers with the same characteristics as the other 2 is scheduled for July 2016,- 8 twin-lift spreaders telescopic bromma Type STS 45 for Kone and Reggiane gantries,- 4 telescopic spreaders twin-lift bromma kind STS 45 for ZPMC cranes,- 3 pedals for heavy packages,- 1 port crane brand Liebherr Lhm400,- 1 motorized swivel hook for port crane,- 1 dump SMAG cable with a 5 t SWL of 21.
Spartanics has announced the installation of the new E-Cut Semi-Rotary Diecutting Solution, powered by SMAG, in its demo facility in Rolling Meadows, IL, USA.
Au niveau national, voici quelques exemples de mauvaise gouvernance a mettre au passif de l'administration au Maroc (la liste n'est pas exhaustive): non alignement du SMAG (salaire minimum agricole garanti) sur le SMIG (salaire minimum interprofessionnel garanti), on pretexte le niveau de vie bas dans le monde rural mais c'est l'inverse qui est constate, le supplement de prix paye par les citoyens dans les regions rurales a acces difficiles pour les denrees alimentaires(sucre, farine mais aussi butane) doit etre supporte par l'Etat.
ni revalorisation du SMAG, au meme titre que le SMIG.
Purchased from spare parts and repair service Eesti Energia AS-i Excavations in companies using masonry drill SMAG.
Samsung's high capacity Packet Data Serving Node (PDSN) system, the SMAG 400, performed exceptionally well and scored very high on all our criteria.