SMAGSalaire Minimum Agricole Garanti (French: Guaranteed Minimum Agricultural Wage; France and Morocco)
SMAGSpecial Medical Advisory Group (various organizations)
SMAGSupply Management Activity Group
SMAGScottish Motor Auction Group
SMAGScott McRae Automotive Group (Jacksonville, FL)
SMAGSparkle Magic API for Graphics
SMAGSupply Maintenance Activity Group
SMAGSalisbury Mutual Assistance Group (Maryland)
SMAGSystems Maintenance Assembly Group
SMAGSocial Media Anthropology Group (Salt Lake City, UT)
SMAGSingapore Malay Amateur Golf
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Materiel covers the costs of all DMAG purchases from the SMAG.
In preparing for the battle ahead, SMAG is putting its activities into a more formal structure.
At the meeting in Oldham Council Chamber, one person will have three minutes to speak on behalf of the 3,000 SMAG objectors.
We looked into die reasons the items did not self and other clues to understanding the SMAG sales disconnect.
Ce rassemblement qui a draine egalement plusieurs cadres de l'institution syndicale organisatrice, s'insere, en effet, dans le cadre de la campagne nationale de sensibilisation et de mobilisation, menee par la FNSA pour l'alignement du SMAG avec le SMIG.
4 - Augmentation du salaire minimum agricole garanti - SMAG - de 696 millimes par jour passant de 11 dinars 608 millimes a 12 dinars 304 millimes.
Sale of 100% of the share capital of SMAG, auction value: 271 000 EUR.
Some, like French finishing equipment maker SMAG, reckoned that drupa came a poor second to Labelexpo in value for money.
000 unites au profit de logement attribue aux menages ayant un revenu inferieur a 2 SMIG et SMAG, le logement social a 250.
Cela represente pour le paysan une recette journaliere de 60 a 90 dh par jour, soit 120 a 170% le SMAG.