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We therefore, urge Federal and State governments, donor agencies, International Development Partners as well as endowed well-spirited individuals to take further urgent steps by investing in our youths and their future, thereby forestalling cases of unnecessary deaths, kidnappings, abductions, slavery and human trafficking, all of which are directly associated with irregular migration and also mitigating the risks arising therefrom', Professor Smah said.
Styrene-maleic anhydride copolymer, SMAH (Dylark 232, Nova Chemicals) was used as the main component.
Batch mixing experiments were carried out in a Brabender Plasticorder (PL2000) for 50 wt% of E-MA-GMA or E-MA with SMAH in the presence of 1 wt% catalyst.
The extruded blends contained 5, 25 and 50 wt% of E-MA-GMA or E-MA in SMAH and 1 wt% catalyst.
E-MA-GMA and E-MA have almost identical viscosities and SMAH is approximately 5.6-16.0 times more viscous than either E-MA-GMA or E-MA in the range of shear rates studied at 180[degrees]C.
Figure 3 shows torque versus time behavior of SMAH with 50% E-MA-GMA or 50% E-MA in the presence of catalyst.
Figures 5 and 6 are the SEM micrographs of extruded blends containing 25% E-MA or E-MA-GMA in SMAH in the presence of hydrated zinc acetate.
It should be mentioned that in the micrographs of non-reactive blends, the dispersed phase is E-MA and the continuous phase is SMAH. This conclusion is reached by comparing the viscosity ratio of [[eta].sub.SMAH]/[[eta].sub.E-MA] with the inverse of the volumetric ratios (25).
The complex viscosity, storage modulus and loss modulus of the E-MA-GMA and E-MA are approximately an order of magnitude lower than that of SMAH in the range of frequencies investigated.
In general, the slopes of G' and G" have the following order: E-MA-GMA Blends [less than] E-MA Blends (at the same concentration) [less than] pure SMAH [less than] pure E-MA-GMA or E-MA.
The zero shear viscosity of the non-reactive blends decreases monotonically between that of SMAH and E-MA.
This could be due to interfacial slip between the noncompatibilized SMAH and E-MA phases.