SMAMSports Marketing and Management
SMAMSumitomo Mitsui Asset Management
SMAMStandish Mellon Asset Management
SMAMSumitomo Mitsui Asset Management Company, Limited (various locations)
SMAMSub-Mission on Agricultural Mechanisation (India)
SMAMSecretaria Municipal do Meio Ambiente
SMAMStudio de Musique Ancienne de Montréal
SMAMSingulate Mean Age at Marriage
SMAMStandard Materials and Metrology for Nanotechnology (symposium)
SMAMScuola Marescialli Aeronautica Militare (Italian: Air Force Warrant Officers School; Italian Air Force)
SMAMServizio Meteorologico dell’Aeronautica Militare
SMAMSemaine Mondiale pour l'Allaitement Maternel
SMAMSecretaría de Marina, Armada de México
SMAMSemana Mundial do Aleitamento Materno
SMAMSenegal/Mauritania Mission (Seventh-day Adventist Church)
SMAMSingle Mission Air Medal
SMAMSystèmes Multi-Agents Minimaux
SMAMShengmaisan with Astragalus Membranaceus
SMAMService Missionnaire d’Aide à Madagascar
SMAMStrength Management Attrition Model (US Army National Guard)
SMAMShared Memory Address Monitor
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The rest of the paper is organized as follows: Section 2 briefly reviews the previous work relevant to mobility modeling; Section 3 introduces a new geographical partition; Section 4 presents SMAM in detail; Section 5 shows experimentally the better performance of SMAM by presenting the main characteristics of human mobility and accurately evaluating the social routing algorithms like BUBBLE's performance; in Section 6, we make some concluding remarks.
The OC also neglected to file an application with the government, seeking tax exemption for SMAM.
Domiciled in the Cayman Islands, SMAM had launched the trust on March 27, 2009.
Table 2 Proportions of Women Reported as Single in Each Age Group and Estimates of Singulate Mean Age at Marriage (SMAM): PFS 1975 and PDHS 1990-91 PFS 1975 Age Group Proportion SMAM (i) Single [PS.
Another point of interest is that differences in SMAM between men and women of equal educational attainment are greater for the uneducated (5.
Saxena denied paying any commission to SMAM, an Australian firm hired to raise sponsorship for the Delhi Commonwealth Games.
The SMAM of females rose from nearly 18 years in 1951 to almost 21 years in 1981, whereas males showed an increase of two years over the same period.
Shri Singh said that the SMAM not only includes the traditional component of training, testing, demonstration of agricultural machinery and procurement subsidy but also includes-Farm Machinery Banks for Custom Hiring, Hi-Tech High Productive Equipments Centres on custom hiring model, and Farm Mechanisation in selected villages for enhancing productivity and creating ownership of appropriate farm equipments among small & marginal farmers.
Malhotra, also the president of the Archery Association of India, has written a letter to Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, asking for his intervention in preventing the Australian company, SMAM, from earning commission on sponsorship from government departments and public sector undertakings that it hasn't even brought in.
Under various state government schemes like SMAM, RKVY, NFSM, CDP, Agrcultural Machineries like Happy seeder (used for sowing of crop in standing stubble) Rotavator (used for land preparation and incorporation of crop stubble in the soil), Zero till seed drill (used for without land preparations directly sowing of seeds in the previous crop stubbles), Baler (used for collection of straw and making bales of the paddy stubbles), Paddy Straw Chopper (cutting of paddy stubble for easily mixing with the soil) and Reaper Binder (used for harvesting of paddy stubble and making into bundles) were distributed to farmers as a result of which there is substantial reduction in stubble burning in Haryana, UP and Punjab.
After the Additional Acquisition, SMAM will be a consolidated subsidiary of SMBC.
The operational guidelines of SMAM have been recently revised.