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SMAPSoil Moisture Active Passive (US NASA)
SMAPSemantic Media Adaptation and Personalization (International Workshop)
SMAPSupervisor Mode Access Prevention (Intel)
SMAPShort Message Application Part
SMAPSimple Mail Access Protocol
SMAPShort and Medium-term Priority Environmental Action Programme
SMAPSport Music Assemble People
SMAPSystem Management Application Process
SMAPSoftware Management Assurance Program (US NASA)
SMAPService Management Access Point
SMAPStanford Martial Arts Program (Stanford University)
SMAPSoftware Management and Assurance Program
SMAPSafety Management Action Plan (USACE)
SMAPSecurity Management Application Process
SMAPSatellite Multicast Adaptation Protocol
SMAPSite Maintenance Action Plan
SMAPSequence Maximum A Posteriori
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SMAP's passive radiometer sensing surface soil moisture all over the world, with some limitations Courtesy of Kuai Fang
SMAP was wholeheartedly serving the needs of national athletes and Philippines sports as a whole under Dr.
Nous sommes certains que l'affluence et les decisions d'investissement refleteront cette tendance[beaucoup plus grand que], a annonce a cette occasion Samir El Chammah, president de SMAP Group.
SMAP isn't going to take soil moisture measurements just once.
Using SMAP, scientists will be able to understand links between Earths water, energy and carbon cycles; reduce uncertainties in predicting climate; and enhance ability to monitor and predict natural hazards like floods and droughts.
The Alaska Satellite Facility's second role is distributing SMAP data to scientists.
The multiple efforts of the Princess have gained her the title of UN Ambassador of the Coast awarded in 2006 by the UN Euro-Mediterranean environment programme (SMAP III).
NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory is scheduled to launch its Soil Moisture Active Passive (SMAP) satellite in late 2014.
Semantic and social media adaptation and personalization; SMAP 2013; proceedings.
SMAP will map Earth's soil moisture, and provide precise indications of the soil's freeze-thaw state to improve understanding of the cycling of water, energy, and carbon.
With the November launch of NASA's Soil Moisture Active Passive (SMAP) mission, NASA will track Earth's water into one of its last hiding places: the soil.