SMARDSecondary Mathematics Assessment and Resource Database (Australia)
SMARDSpinal Muscular Atrophy with Respiratory Distress
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SMARD, a rare genetic illness, was diagnosed and it was then Abbi was warned her little girl would basically be trapped in a shell.
SMARD will develop diagnostic tools and treatments for diseases, especially those that particularly affect Middle East and North Africa populations.
Stephen says: "A neurologist looked at her and sent off a test for SMARD.
Mentally she is normal; in fact, children with SMARD often have an above average intelligence.
I know I'm not going to have her forever, children with SMARD don't usually live beyond two, but I've seen some living beyond that.
SMARD is a severe, inherited neuromuscular condition that affects nerve cells in the spinal cord called lower motor neurones.
With SMARD, the link between the brain and muscles is impaired and muscles can no longer be stimulated which causes them to wither due to inactivity.
She was later transferred to Leicester Royal Infirmary who diagnosed her with SMARD following three months of tests.
Most SMARD patients pass away before they reach adulthood.
Shanice Robertson, from Scotland, whose condition is not as severe as some SMARD sufferers was able to share her experiences.
Stephen and his partner Sarah are keen to raise awareness for Jaime's condition, known as SMARD, and of the hospice which has helped support them through her care.