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SMARMSediment Management Annual Review Meeting (WA State)
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Albon took the opportunity to smarm the charm, "on behalf of all your friends and colleagues", by thanking Homer for her services and wishing her every success in the future.
Whether it's rolling around on the floor in Little Havana with Elian Gonzalez or squinting down Florida state representative Randy Ball about gay adoption, Sawyer is deeply embedded in Aaron Brown-strength smarm.
What sounds like a downer at worst, or well-intentioned smarm at best, turns out to be a highly satisfying, suspenseful and entertaining endeavor whose lingering aura of emotional uplift is organic and earned.
But I'm afraid the king of smarm, Des Lynam, will be the first to greet you, writes Steve Palmer.
Changing society is reflected in how we went from the pomposity of David Jacobs, through the insipid twitterings of Noel Edmonds to the smarm of Simon Bates.
As if the smarm factor wasn't off the scale already, the American guys have brought a whole new level of smarm to the table.
Now we have the news that Labour heavyweight, Tony Blair is wading in to support our future ex-prime minister, Mr Brown, in what I would describe as a 'smarm offensive'.
There was such a large helping of slime, smarm and seediness in this engrossing drama you almost felt the need to have a shower immediately afterwards.
Perhaps he's taking the gig to show another side of himself and prove that, beneath all that smarm and charm, lies a sarcastic cynic with a barbed wit.
Bolton and Elizabeth Edwards, Second Woman, produced a faultless and thrilling duet Fear no Danger, and Belinda Morley, a mezzo with a magical voice, turned on the smarm, added a dose of venom and hissed menacingly as the Sorceress.
His friends speak of his charm; his enemies refer to his smarm. Meanwhile, his smile can easily can so easily be taken for a smirk.