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SMARMSediment Management Annual Review Meeting (WA State)
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As if the smarm factor wasn't off the scale already, the American guys have brought a whole new level of smarm to the table.
I saw enough of the Prince of Smarm when he was in office.
There was such a large helping of slime, smarm and seediness in this engrossing drama you almost felt the need to have a shower immediately afterwards.
Perhaps he's taking the gig to show another side of himself and prove that, beneath all that smarm and charm, lies a sarcastic cynic with a barbed wit.
Bolton and Elizabeth Edwards, Second Woman, produced a faultless and thrilling duet Fear no Danger, and Belinda Morley, a mezzo with a magical voice, turned on the smarm, added a dose of venom and hissed menacingly as the Sorceress.
Matt Smith, who delivers one-liners a la Lineker but without the smarm, wrapped up ITV1's highlights beautifully.
On the other hand, Burroughs is simply abrasive, Mary Kay Place's character is so incredibly superficial it's difficult to believe she emerges as something of a hero in this muck, and Bruce McCulloch plays a priest with too-apparent smarm.
But what can you expect from one who allows both The Nutter and The Sultan of Smarm to operate unchecked?
One member, Rsd87, warns of the smarm offensive women can expect.
This will be awarded to anyone displaying extraordinary determination to act like a big shot on the basis of nothing but delusion and smarm.
Gere gives a convincing performance, all smarm and charm.