SMARRSafety and Mission Assurance Readiness Review (NASA)
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Ademas del componente interiorizado compartido por estas variables (Hirota, 2016), se trata de manifestaciones que forman parte de los criterios diagnosticos (baja autoestima, dificultades de sueno o apetito) de los trastornos depresivos (Smarr y Keefer, 2011; William Li et al., 2010) asi como de manifestaciones (ansiedad o somatizacion) altamente comorbidas con la sintomatologia depresiva (Axelson y Birmaher, 2001; Henningsen et al., 2003).
But it's not as simple as students just staying up too late, Smarr said
For the first solution of (22) we get the the Smarr relation in the extended phase as
Questionnaire title Description of measured variables (1) Robot self-efficacy Level of confidence operating scale a robot (2) Robot familiarity Assessed familiarity and usage and usage of various robots (3) Trust preference Preference of human versus checklist robot care provider for various tasks Questionnaire title Reference (1) Robot self-efficacy Locally developed scale (2) Robot familiarity Smarr et al.
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(8) Carlo Maria Maggi, whose tragedy Griselda di Saluzzo served as a model for the majority of theatrical Griseldas in the eighteenth century (Smarr 205), (9) names Griselda's "Heroica tolerantia" (III, 414) and likens her to Alcestis (from Euripidean tragedy) and Dido (from Virgilian epic); his Griselda is unequivocally a human martyr figure, and not a divine one.
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Evidence from the data showed that the usage of ICT can significantly improve and enhance the quality of life among older adults (Fokkema & Knipscheer, 2007; Bobillier Chaumon, Michel, Tarpin Bernard & Croisile, 2013; Heart & Kalderon, 2013; Niehaves & Plattfaut, 2013; De Schutter, Brown & Abeele, 2014; Gustafson et al., 2015; Sokoler & Svensson, 2007; Beer, Smarr, Fisk & Rogers, 2015; Tsai, Shillair, Cotten, Winstead & Yost, 2015; Wu, Damnee, Kerherve, Ware & Rigaud,, 2015) and that digital games can even lead to <<successful aging>> (Allaire, McLaughlin, Trujillo, Whitlock, LaPorte & Gandy, 2013).
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Smarr and Berkow (1977) documented development of an integrated curriculum with psychosomatic and liaison psychiatry.
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