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SMARTERSize, Medical, Ammunition, Rations, Transport, Equipment & Recovery
SMARTERSpecific, Measurable, Acceptable, Realistic, Time Frame, Extending, Rewarding (goal criteria)
SMARTERSize, Medical, Ammunition, Rations, Transport, Extrication, Recovery
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And on the porch, before the delighted family, Judge Scott, face to face with White Fang, said slowly and solemnly, sixteen times, "White Fang, you are smarter than I thought.
A prettier foot, a gayer heart, a more dimpled face, or a smarter form, never bounded so lightly over the earth they graced, as did those of Maria Lobbs, the old saddler's daughter.
He was undeniably smarter than I when it came to manoeuvring.
Even Eugene standing in a window, moodily swinging the tassel of a blind, gives it a smarter jerk now, as if he found himself in better case.
Ogg's, he was thinking that he would buy his father's mill and land again when he was rich enough, and improve the house and live there; he should prefer it to any smarter, newer place, and he could keep as many horses and dogs as he liked.
When the table was cleared, Janet assisted her to arrange her hair, to put on her nightcap, which was of a smarter construction than usual
He thought the whole duty of man was to be smarter than his fellows, get his hands, as he put it, "on the dibs," and have a good time.
His longing was appeased and became a habit; and she had her desire--the desire to get away from under the paternal roof, to assert her individuality, to move in her own set (so much smarter than the parental one); to have a home of her own, and her own share of the world's respect, envy, and applause.
Compared to the larger single-purpose robots that are commonly used in fields like automotive assembly, Loup argues smarter robots, which the report calls co-bots, will be used by more factories over time.
According to Christopher M de Sanctis, the Chief Operating Officer at Mobile AMG, the holding company for Booking Smarter, "Booking Smarter is trying to level the playing field, and help give small businesses a fighting chance.
Local grid operators need to be smarter and work closely with National Grid to work out the best solutions for managing a system with increasing amounts of low carbon generation.
The acquisition allows Smarter Click to continue to expand into digital advertising and strengthen its technology stack.