SMASTSchool for Marine Science and Technology (New Bedford, MA)
SMASTShort Michigan Alcoholism Screening Test
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An original Menander drachm was incidentally found within the Kashmir Smast, described as having been "deliberately burned".)
Comparison of scallop density estimates using the SMAST scallop video survey data with a reduced view field and reduced counts of individuals per image.
Patients who scored high on the SMAST before TBI were more than 10 times likely to exhibit problem drinking after injury.
Using SMAST as a screening instrument, among the total study subjects 73 (76%) patients were found to have no problems, 8 (8.3%) had possible problem, 1 (1.04%) had probable problem and 14 (14.6%) had definite problem.
The team did a complete magnetic anomaly mapping of the Kashmir Smast Cave (Great Cave), Kashmir Smast monastery, spring water tank and great water tank to identify their future research potential.
The SMAST sea scallop survey is conducted with video cameras mounted on a steel pyramid frame to provide a 3.24-[m.sup.2] view of the sea floor and associated macrobenthos (Stokesbury, 2002; Stokesbury et al., 2004).
The data of 321 participants were examined for the analyses that used SMAST scores.
To examine the first and second research questions, a two-by-two multivariate analysis of variance of gender and ethnicity was run across family (CAST, FAD), personality (HA, Nov Seek), social experience (Role Model Mentoring and Teacher Mentoring), and problem behavior (SMAST, DT) variables.
The practicality of using the SMAST and AUDIT to screen for alcoholism among adolescents in an urban private family practice.
Alcohol Dependency was measured by three scales: DIS-III-R, SADD, and SMAST. Structural Equation Modeling was used to analyze the dependence and causal structure among the observed variables.
Tenders are invited for Work in connection with the Authority~s School of Marine Science and Technology (SMAST II) Project New Construction of a 64,115 SF.