SMASTSchool for Marine Science and Technology (New Bedford, MA)
SMASTShort Michigan Alcoholism Screening Test
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Two experiments were conducted during 20 and 23 February 2003 when the SMAST video pyramid was placed in a 341,000-L tank filled with seawater in the SMAST laboratory.
We are grateful to the crews and scientific staff who collected and measured sea scallops in NEFSC and SMAST surveys.
Anglo), and risk factor (CAST, FAD, HA, Nov Seek, Mentoring, SMAST, DT) differences in student retention.
Using the shell height/meat weight relationship from the combined SMAST dissection data, fishable biomass would be 78,456 tot with 19,614 mt available for harvest.
Aid was provided by SMAST, the Massachusetts Department of Marine Fisheries, and the sea scallop fishery and supporting industries.
Researchers gave each participant the AUDIT and SMAST independently as well as reviewed the participant's medical record.
Table 2 summarizes the sensitivity and specificity of the T-ACE, AUDIT, SMAST, and medical record for the three criteria.
The CAGE and the SMAST are popular self-report measures of alcoholism and are well studied in alcoholic and nonalcoholic subjects and among males (Bradley et al.