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SMATVSatellite Master Antenna Television
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88-94 (discussing the technology and current status of SMATV in the MVPD marketplace).
These opportunities can be traced to the fact that SMATV (and, therefore, transmission to apartment blocks rather than individual homes) is particularly popular in Italy, the nature of programming control has not been conducive to DBS and, finally, signals from the Astra satellite constellation - Europe's main broadcast satellite system - are relatively weak in much of the country.
Abolish all price regulation of video services, whether supplied by cable, telephone, direct broadcast satellite, SMATV, VCR, disk, or other technology.
Satellite Master Antenna Television Service (SMATV) - A SMATV system consists of a receive only satellite earth station that provides premium programming signals transmitted to the receive station via satellite and a master antenna for the receipt of over-the-air television broadcast signals.
The most spectacular rise (725 percent) was the sale of SMATV dishes, followed by business dishes (175 percent), and SES terminals and consumer TVROs (40 percent each).
TVB Pay Vision utilises the NSS-11 satellite to target the Hong Kong pay-TV market via two options: delivery to SMATV headends in high density estates, for further delivery to individual units using coaxial cable; and Direct-to-Home delivery into standalone dishes.
These video-delivery technologies include satellite master antenna television (SMATV), direct broadcast satellite (DBS), and multipoint-multichannel distribution systems (MMDS) or "wireless cable," as it is commonly known.
The FCC's two most recent rulings affirm severe limitations on state and local rate regulation and forbid virtually all local and state regulation of satellite master antenna television (SMATV) systems.
The static one is equivalent to SMATV head-end stations or stacked LNBs, whereas the dynamic is equivalent to SCR LNBs controlled by EN50494 or EN50607.