SMAUSmart Multistation Access Unit
SMAUStop Motion Aimpoint Update (US Navy)
SMAUSmart Media Access Unit
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The purpose of the event, as Pierantonio Macola, President of Smau, says: "is to introduce the innovative excellence of "Made In Italy" to German entrepreneurs, investors and managers invited to the exhibition.
The fact is that Cllr Nick SmaU did write in the Daily Post as Labour environment spokesperson advocating fortnightly bin collections.
Decision making process of livestock/crop smau holders in the state of Veracruz, Mexico.
Using the Stop Motion Aimpoint Update (SMAU) feature of SLAM-ER, the controlling pilot refined the missile's aimpoint to the center of the base of the target, guiding the missile to a direct hit.
(1905), Resources for Reengineering in Small Businesses, Journal of SmaU Business Management, Vol.
Still smaller tractors in lawn and backyard-garden-scale became feasible when smaU but powerful (2.5 to 7hp), and low-priced one-cylinder, air-cooled engines were perfected by the Wisconsinbased engine makers Briggs & Stratton, Tecumseh-Lauson and by plumbing-fixture maker Kohler among others.
Award the service of the realization of the annual event / exhibition hall Tuscany Technologica within the POR FESR 2007-2013 CReO, in co-location with SMAU Florence 2014, the dates of 9 and July 10, 2014
This collaboration is just the last one from a successful row of partnerships established all across Europe with other Startup Weekends within the last months, such as Barcelona, Berlin, Milan, Madrid or Hamburg, and for those about to come in October, like the Startup Weekend Szczecin, Poland's rising startup city, and the SMAU fair for business and technological entrepreneurship, which will take place in Milan.
After the SLAM-ER was launched, the S-3 crew controlled the missile via the AWW-13 datalink pod to the intended aimpoint using the Stop Motion Aimpoint U pdate (SMAU) feature of the weapon.
The 187 Assistenza app had received top prize in the Mobile Marketing Service section at the recent SMAU Rome 2014 trade fair.